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Author Topic: 2007 BICHONS' :: BIRTHDAY LIST :: (add yours today)  (Read 31899 times)
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living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« on: January 02, 2007, 07:49:29 AM »

happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday


For YEAR 2007, I'm starting a new thread for New Here members to add their babies' Pacifier birthdays!
Just reply to this thread with your Bichon's birth date and I'll add it to the list thumbsup
Let us partyhat celebrate Kicking your fluff's with you!! Band

fluffjan ~ 29 fluff
Pacifier BO (nanc514) ~ 01-JAN-2006
Pacifier BENJI (lasonyadj) ~ 02-JAN-2006
Pacifier JAG (Admin_Keith & Debbie) ~ 04-JAN-2000
Pacifier MIMI (MimisMom) ~ 04-JAN-2007
Pacifier HARLEY (Shelly) ~ 06-JAN-2005
Pacifier BENNY (TAKILI) ~ 06-JAN-2006
Pacifier JOO JOO (Beanie) ~ 07-JAN-2007
Pacifier MILO (Karen and Milo) ~ 08-JAN-2003
Pacifier CERT (Cert_Terror) ~ 08-JAN-2004
Pacifier ANNIE (lauriev) ~ 08-JAN-2007
Pacifier CHARLIE (Mak) ~ 09-JAN-2007
Pacifier CHLOE (Traci) ~ 10-JAN-2006
Pacifier TUESDAY (Iron Clad Ben) ~ 11-JAN-2007
Pacifier SHELBY (zbean1969) ~ 12-JAN-2006
Pacifier CHEEKO (Karen xo) ~ 12-JAN-2006
Pacifier JOEY (marn88) ~ 13-JAN-2006
Pacifier MAGGIE (stacicakes) ~ 16-JAN-2003
Pacifier PRINCE (hollywood) ~ 16-JAN-2005
Pacifier CASEY (Barb) ~ 16-JAN-2005
Pacifier BOOMER (Boomers mom) ~ 16-JAN-2006
Pacifier BILL (mybichonbill) ~ 17-JAN-2006
Pacifier COMET (Alayna) ~ 20-JAN-2006 ( 03-JUN-2006)
Pacifier WANDA (michelle) ~ 24-JAN-2005
Pacifier ELLIE (Elliesmom) ~ 26-JAN-2007
Pacifier CASSIE (karent143) ~ 27-JAN-2005
Pacifier DAISY MAE (rrhall) ~ 28-JAN-2004
Pacifier CHUZA (mama_de_chuza) ~ 29-JAN-2006
Pacifier SCOUT (yukon_mom) ~ 29-JAN-2006
Pacifier JESSIE (momofsamandjessie) ~ 31-JAN-2002

flufffeb ~ 22 fluff
Pacifier MOLLY (Mollysmommy) ~ 02-FEB-2007
Pacifier CHELSEA (chelsea) ~ 03-FEB-1996
Pacifier SNOOPY (BenjisMommy) ~ 04-FEB-1997 ( 25-NOV-2003)
Pacifier SHAGGY (ShadySue) ~ 04-FEB-2003
Pacifier LOUIS (staz) ~ 06-FEB-2006
Pacifier SNOOPY (lavenderfields) ~ 07-FEB-2005
Pacifier RALPHY (Lou-Lou) ~ 07-FEB-2007
Pacifier NED (aussie_ned) ~ 08-FEB-2003
Pacifier COCO (Sonomasweetheart) ~ 09-FEB-2004
Pacifier BUDDY (buddys-mom) ~ 09-FEB-2005
Pacifier BETTY "BOOP" (Theresa) ~ 11-FEB-2006
Pacifier GERTIE (waldomommy) ~ 11-FEB-2007
Pacifier SPENCER (spencer) ~ 13-FEB-2006
Pacifier BUDDY (SuperMax) ~ 14-FEB-2006 *(forever on 19-JAN-2007)
Pacifier RUAIRIDH (pauline7) ~ 15-FEB-2003
Pacifier BONNIE (chellie) ~ 19-FEB-2001
Pacifier DUKE (Alayna) ~ 25-FEB-2003 ( 13-DEC-2005)
Pacifier CICI (WheatieWoman) ~ 25-FEB-2004
Pacifier OLIVER (SusieL) ~ 25-FEB-2006
Pacifier LADY (Ford) ~ 26-FEB-2006
Pacifier MASON (Trisha) ~ 26-FEB-2007 ( ??-??-2007)
Pacifier CALLA LILY (sammyboy) ~ 26-FEB-2007

fluffmar ~ 16 fluff
Pacifier MOLLY (Hils) ~ 01-MAR-2006
Pacifier DALTRY (Hils) ~ 01-MAR-2006
Pacifier CODY (Kinzie) ~ 02-MAR-2006
Pacifier SASHA (charlotte) ~ 06-MAR-1995
Pacifier DAISY (Indymom) ~ 10-MAR-2006
Pacifier MINDY (suzy) ~ 12-MAR-2005
Pacifier CASPER (Traci) ~ 15-MAR-2005
Pacifier LORBAK (Lorbak) ~ 16-MAR-2003
Pacifier ODIE (ShadySue) ~ 16-MAR-2003
Pacifier ALLIS (rrhall) ~ 16-MAR-2004
Pacifier HALO (Sherry M.) ~ 20-MAR-2006
Pacifier MOLLY (Marcy) ~ 21-MAR-2006
Pacifier JASPER (Pammie) ~ 27-MAR-2003
Pacifier DAISY (I<3Daisy) ~ 28-MAR-2005
Pacifier KHLOE (krazykrisi) ~ 29-MAR-2005
Pacifier KIRBY (Rosalyn) ~ 31-MAR-2004

fluffapr ~ 17 fluff
Pacifier JACKSON (Stephanie) ~ 03-APR-2006
Pacifier ZIZOU (aurora) ~ 04-APR-2004
Pacifier BELLA (bella) ~ 05-APR-2007
Pacifier RASCAL (New_Owner) ~ 07-APR-2004
Pacifier BOOGIE (JaBoogie) ~ 10-APR-2004 *(forever on 11-JUL-2005)
Pacifier BAXTER (Kristen363) ~ 11-APR-2005
Pacifier SCRUFFLES (amandafaye21) ~ 11-APR-2006
Pacifier SASSY (Lady&SassysMom + Lady&SassysDad) ~ 13-APR-2006
Pacifier RICKSTER (rickster) ~ 13-APR-2006
Pacifier BLUEBELL (Bluebell) ~ 14-APR-2001
Pacifier SHILOH (Marie) ~ 14-APR-2005
Pacifier MANDY (MandysMommy) ~ 17-APR-2006
Pacifier FOXXIE (Foxxie_Mom) ~ 18-APR-2005
Pacifier MAX (SuperMax) ~ 19-APR-2003
Pacifier DAISY (Madamx) ~ 20-APR-2002
Pacifier OLLIE (loulou86) ~ 22-APR-2005
Pacifier MISSY (MissysMom) ~ 28-APR-2005

fluffmay ~ 18 fluff
Pacifier SNOWBALL (snows_mom) ~ MAY-1996
Pacifier FIONA (anita) ~ 01-MAY-2006
Pacifier DAISY MAY (sarahUK) ~ 02-MAY-2005
Pacifier SAMMY (sammyboy) ~ 06-MAY-1995 ( 07-JUL-2006)
Pacifier SIMBA (sunshine2) ~ 07-MAY-2005
Pacifier SKY (Marzie) ~ 09-MAY-2005
Pacifier KODY JOE (chrisg11 & techman15) ~ 10-MAY-2007
Pacifier BAILEE (DeeDee) ~ 12-MAY-2005
Pacifier TEDDY BEAR (TeddybearsMom) ~ 13-MAY-2003
Pacifier SAMMY (momofsamandjessie) ~ 14-MAY-2002
Pacifier JETTA (jettasmomma) ~ 15-MAY-2003
Pacifier MAURICE (Maurice) ~ 17-MAY-2005
Pacifier FONZIE (bonzaboy) ~ 24-MAY-2000 *(forever confused)
Pacifier SAMMY (samalama) ~ 25-MAY-2007
Pacifier JASMINE (minnie) ~ 27-MAY-2001
Pacifier DAIZY (charmed) ~ 29-MAY-2003
Pacifier JOJO (jimboheelo) ~ 29-MAY-2007
Pacifier BEAU-BEAU (Beau-Beau) ~ 29-MAY-2007

fluffjun ~ 21 fluff
Pacifier BENJI (nanc514) ~ 01-JUN-2002
Pacifier FRITZ (Fritzie05) ~ 03-JUN-2002
Pacifier BEEGEE (BeeGee) ~ 03-JUN-2006
Pacifier CHARLIE (Luana) ~ 06-JUN-1997 *(forever on 04-JUL-2005)
Pacifier TILLIE (tillie123) ~ 13-JUN-2006
Pacifier MOLLIE (chellie) ~ 14-JUN-2006
Pacifier CHANEL (Traci) ~ 14-JUN-2006
Pacifier REESIE (bamafan) ~ 14-JUN-2006
Pacifier TIGGER (sawrainbow) ~ 14-JUN-2006
Pacifier HOLLY (charlypp) ~ 15-JUN-2005
Pacifier PRINCESS (IServePrincess) ~ 15-JUN-2005
Pacifier MOLLY (mollymom) ~ 19-JUN-2001
Pacifier PRINCESS (Prin's mom - JC) ~ 20-JUN-2004
Pacifier BARNABY (natalie) ~ 20-JUN-2006
Pacifier BUCKLEY (patl1964) ~ 24-JUN-2006
Pacifier BAILEY (Bayboo) ~ 25-JUN-2005
Pacifier SAMMI (samarama) ~ 26-JUN-1999
Pacifier MOLLIE (GeorgieGal) ~ 26-JUN-2003
Pacifier ABBIE (melissagll2) ~ 27-JUN-2007
Pacifier SWIPER (Swipers/Doras mom) ~ 28-JUN-2006
Pacifier MISSY (Kelley) ~ 30-JUN-2006

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Posts: 21134

living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2007, 02:16:08 PM »


fluffjul ~ 25 fluff
Pacifier ROCKY (Rocky_Dad) ~ 01-JUL-2004
Pacifier GRACIE (Terry27) ~ 01-JUL-2005
Pacifier SCOOBY (Melissa(ScoobyDooby)) ~ 03-JUL-2006
Pacifier CHICKLET (Admin_Keith & Debbie) ~ 04-JUL-2001
Pacifier CHASE (JenBow) ~ 04-JUL-2001
Pacifier GUIDO (ziamaria64) ~ 07-JUL-2003
Pacifier MONTY (Montys_Mom) ~ 09-JUL-2002
Pacifier OZZIE (Carol) ~ 10-JUL-2006
Pacifier PEKOE (stephll) ~ 10-JUL-2007
Pacifier (naughty)HARLEY (Donnalee) ~ 11-JUL-2005
Pacifier GUCCI (delcia) ~ 11-JUL-2006
Pacifier BELLA (Bichon Lover) ~ 13-JUL-2006
Pacifier KODIAK (donnaleah) ~ 14-JUL-2006
Pacifier SOPHIE MARIE (best girls mom) ~ 15-JUL-2006
Pacifier JAY JAY (Tonia) ~ 18-JUL-2004
Pacifier LEXUS (lexusmom) ~ 19-JUL-1992
Pacifier HARRY (mazza) ~ 20-JUL-2001
Pacifier LIAM (Alessvitale) ~ 20-JUL-2004
Pacifier CHALMERS II (rrhall) ~ 21-JUL-2004
Pacifier ROXI (DeeDee) ~ 21-JUL-2006
Pacifier MIFFY (deborah-ann) ~ 25-JUL-2004
Pacifier FIZZGIGG (FizzGigg's Mummy) ~ 26-JUL-2001
Pacifier MIITSY (lainey) ~ 27-JUL-2007
Pacifier MADISON (Manwithachickdog) ~ 29-JUL-2005
Pacifier GEORGIE (clemboz) ~ 31-JUL-2001

fluffaug ~ 28 fluff
Pacifier BRANDY (bichonlover) ~ 01-AUG-2003
Pacifier DORA (Swipers/Doras mom) ~ 01-AUG-2006
Pacifier SPENCER REESE (Spencer's mommie) ~ 02-AUG-2007
Pacifier SUSIE (susiesmom) ~ 04-AUG-2005
Pacifier SNOWBALL (SnowballsMom) ~ 05-AUG-1996
Pacifier BEHR (Behr's Mum) ~ 06-AUG-2005 *(forever on 07-AUG-2007)
Pacifier NADIA (coninny) ~ 07-AUG-2004 *(forever on 07-AUG-2006)
Pacifier ANGELICA (Marla) ~ 08-AUG-2003
Pacifier RENOIR (Renoir&Wrigley) ~ 10-AUG-2005
Pacifier MATTIE (brendakay) ~ 12-AUG-2005
Pacifier DYLAN (Pawsies) ~ 13-AUG-1997
Pacifier ALI (Ali) ~ 13-AUG-2003
Pacifier CAWOOD (newdogowner) ~ 13-AUG-2007
Pacifier LeBEAU (sharon) ~ 16-AUG-2004
Pacifier RUSTY (qbug) ~ 16-AUG-2005
Pacifier BELLE (Terri) ~ 17-AUG-2005
Pacifier OLLIE (Deni) ~ 18-AUG-2005
Pacifier BIANCA (EDDEL & mukuchuku) ~ 19-AUG-2001
Pacifier BEAU (Linda) ~ 21-AUG-2004
Pacifier GUNNER (JenBow) ~ 23-AUG-2004
Pacifier SAMMY (lfriedman) ~ 24-AUG-2004
Pacifier ROSEBUD (Lucy) ~ 25-AUG-2005
Pacifier DAISY (Daisy) ~ 25-AUG-2006
Pacifier LILLY (Lovey Lilly) ~ 28-AUG-2005
Pacifier CHARLIE BOY (Charlie Boy's Mom) ~ 28-AUG-2006
Pacifier ABIGAIL (patricia & Q-Tip) ~ 29-AUG-2005
Pacifier ABBY (Kendra) ~ 29-AUG-2006
Pacifier BEECEE (Tonia) ~ 30-AUG-2003 *(forever on 05-JUN-2007)

fluffsep ~ 11 fluff
Pacifier MURPHY (dessyrell) ~ 01-SEP-2001 *(forever on 01-SEP-2006)
Pacifier DAISY MAE (Daisy's Mom) ~ 05-SEP-2005
Pacifier MICKEY (sawrainbow) ~ 10-SEP-2004
Pacifier GIDGET MARIE (Libby) ~ 13-SEP-2006
Pacifier GUS (Vall) ~ 15-SEP-2003
Pacifier RILEY (Raewync) ~ 15-SEP-2005
Pacifier MANDY (Janice) ~ 20-SEP-2004
Pacifier HOLLY (coninny) ~ 20-SEP-2006
Pacifier LINDSAY (Mike_S) ~ 22-SEP-2001
Pacifier ROMEO (Romeo) ~ 23-SEP-2005
Pacifier FROSTY (RainbowBrite) ~ 27-SEP-2003

fluffoct ~ 18 fluff
Pacifier TOBY (Suzy) ~ 01-OCT-2004
Pacifier CHARLY (charly) ~ 02-OCT-2003
Pacifier ZOE (Tonia) ~ 04-OCT-2005
Pacifier SOPHIE (sophies_mom) ~ 06-OCT-2005
Pacifier BEVO (Traci) ~ 09-OCT-2006
Pacifier AMY (Natynatou) ~ 10-OCT-2005
Pacifier ANGEL (Redeemedsoul) ~ 10-OCT-2006 ( 25-DEC-2006)
Pacifier SOPHIA (Kristen363) ~ 12-OCT-1999 *(forever on confused)
Pacifier BENJI (BenjisMommy) ~ 13-OCT-2003
Pacifier MILLIE (irishbichon) ~ 16-OCT-2005
Pacifier CAZPER (Reyanna) ~ 19-OCT-2005
Pacifier BAILEY (Jiliebeane) ~ 24-OCT-2005
Pacifier AFRO KEN (Afro Kens mummy) ~ 25-OCT-2003
Pacifier SNOWANGEL (snowangel) ~ 25-OCT-2004
Pacifier LACEY (Cheryl) ~ 25-OCT-2006
Pacifier MADDISON (nzbyrd) ~ 27-OCT-2004
Pacifier PEPPER (Pepper_Mom) ~ 29-OCT-2003
Pacifier BREE (TPickrell) ~ 29-OCT-2003 *(forever on 29-OCT-2006)

fluffnov ~ 26 fluff
Pacifier CHARLIE (Roxy) ~ 01-NOV-2006
Pacifier MAYNARD (Encephalon) ~ 03-NOV-2006
Pacifier WRIGLEY (Renoir&Wrigley) ~ 04-NOV-2005
Pacifier BOBBY (babybobby) ~ 05-NOV-2003
Pacifier MIKIE (tati1976) ~ 06-NOV-2006
Pacifier TOOTSIE (Shelly) ~ 07-NOV-2004
Pacifier BUDDY (Katrinka) ~ 09-NOV-1997
Pacifier WALDO (waldomommy) ~ 10-NOV-1996
Pacifier POPPY (minnie) ~ 11-NOV-2004
Pacifier BUSTER (sky_buster) ~ 11-NOV-2005
Pacifier BAYLEE (bsharding1982) ~ 11-NOV-2005
Pacifier ANNABELLE (doglover517) ~ 15-NOV-1997
Pacifier JOEY (Betty) ~ 15-NOV-2000
Pacifier MAURICE (Maurice) ~ 15-NOV-2000 *(forever on 07-DEC-2003)
Pacifier BLAZE (maureen) ~ 17-NOV-2005
Pacifier KALLIE (Ldh6016) ~ 17-NOV-2005
Pacifier BENNY (hagerfarm) ~ 21-NOV-2004
Pacifier ABBY (GMomof11) ~ 22-NOV-2004
Pacifier HANK (Hanky) ~ 22-NOV-2005
Pacifier STAR (lauren_fox) ~ 23-NOV-2004
Pacifier RILEY (Riley's mommy) ~ 23-NOV-2005
Pacifier MURPHY (Murph&I) ~ 24-NOV-2005
Pacifier NIEGEL (K9Lvr) ~ 27-NOV-2005
Pacifier VANILLA (Emmie) ~ 29-NOV-2005
Pacifier OZZY (Sherry M.) ~ 29-NOV-2006
Pacifier SHORTY (Mjasp) ~ 30-NOV-2004

fluffdec ~ 17 fluff
Pacifier SIR BENJI (barbysjim) ~ 04-DEC-2001
Pacifier BOBBY (heather) ~ 04-DEC-2006
Pacifier CALLIE (karent143) ~ 06-DEC-2005
Pacifier SOPHIE (Sophie'sMom) ~ 07-DEC-2005
Pacifier MONSTER JR. (monster) ~ 09-DEC-2006
Pacifier SOPHIA (Kristen363) ~ 10-DEC-1999
Pacifier LILY BELLE (Trixie) ~ 10-DEC-2006
Pacifier ANNIE (Annies_Mom) ~ 11-DEC-2005
Pacifier BEEGEE (nzbyrd) ~ 16-DEC-2003
Pacifier BIFFY (jeebes) ~ 16-DEC-2005
Pacifier BAILEY BAE (ladyfreit) ~ 16-DEC-2006
Pacifier SAVIOR (lesndesi) ~ 17-DEC-2006
Pacifier CHLOE (Julie) ~ 18-DEC-2003
Pacifier LADY CHRISTINE (Lady&SassysMom + Lady&SassysDad) ~ 23-DEC-2005
Pacifier DAISY (mendez1995) ~ 25-DEC-2004
Pacifier MILO (Kelly) ~ 26-DEC-2003
Pacifier SHAMUS (sharon123) ~ 27-DEC-2005

happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday   fluff   happybirthday

fluff Bichons fluff have 'logged' their birthdays, have you? partyhat

partyhat Our most 'senior' ACTIVE Kicking fluff fluff is Charlie (he who owns Luana is 10 years old!)

partyhat Our most recent youngest Pacifier fluff fluff is Peko (he who owns Stephanie is 12 weeks old)

It appears the most number of fluff fluffs fluff was born in the month of fluffjan

29 Pacifier 22 Pacifier 16 Pacifier 17 Pacifier 18 Pacifier 21 Pacifier
25 Pacifier 28 Pacifier 11 Pacifier 18 Pacifier 26 Pacifier 17 Pacifier

PS: I may not blush reply after each & every new post (made by a New Here member) but rest assured flowers I will add your baby's Pacifier birthday to the happybirthday list (just don't No want to "drag" this thread unnecessarily blush)

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« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2007, 01:31:11 PM »

 angel fluff Bree will celebrate her birthdate  partyhat2 as October 29, 2003. 

I think she may be older than 3, but no need to be so precise about one's age.  yahoo

For years I wanted to be older, so now I'm doing "overs" and subtracting.  Yeah, that's it subtracting!  Kicking Laugh and Bounce swing Laughing groovy  nodding

My birthday is March 2nd.  Band Celebration time, come on..... sounds of Kool and the Gang!
Bree's Dad's day is February 20th.  yahoo  clapping


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« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2007, 07:46:32 PM »

Maynard, November 3rd thumbup

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Posts: 21134

living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« Reply #4 on: January 07, 2007, 07:17:16 AM »

wave Twila and wave Charles, your babies fluff fluff have been added to the list!! groovy

PS: Charles, your Maynard Pacifier is currently our youngest on the board! swing


« Reply #5 on: January 08, 2007, 06:38:53 PM »

 partyhat2 Princess' birthdate is June 20, 2004 partyhat2
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living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« Reply #6 on: January 13, 2007, 07:25:56 AM »

JC, your Princess' birthdate has been added to the happybirthday list! flowers


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« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2007, 03:40:45 PM »

Bailee's birthday iis May 12, 2005

Roxi's birthday is July 21, 2006
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living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« Reply #8 on: January 18, 2007, 01:53:54 PM »

wave DeeDee, I've added your fluffs' fluff fluff birth dates Wish Wish to the happybirthday list!! partyhat


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« Reply #9 on: January 26, 2007, 01:11:09 AM »

Lily Belle's birthday is December 10, 2006.  partyhat
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Buddy & My Angel Max

« Reply #10 on: January 27, 2007, 12:32:36 PM »

Okay  blush , we finally received the vet records for Buddy ...  Don't Get It but it only says his birthday  partyhat2 is in  flufffeb ... but  No no dateDon't Get It (The previous owners bought him from a pet storeDon't Get It )

So ..... after discussing it with Buddy's "daddy" (Parker  wink1 ) ... he decided to choose a date somewhere in the middle of the month ..... so Buddy's "official" birthday   partyhat2 will be........

February 14, 2006  fluffcupid

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Posts: 21134

living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« Reply #11 on: January 27, 2007, 01:57:08 PM »

Trixie and Susan, your flufferbutts' Wish birthdays have been added to the see list! swing

..... after discussing it with Buddy's "daddy" (Parker  wink1 ) ...
WhosYoDaddy Laughing 

So glad Clap we get to celebrate Buddy's 1st Wish birthday with him!! partyhat


Ontario, Canada
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I love my baby BENJI!!R.I.P Snoopy..luv u 4ever

« Reply #12 on: January 27, 2007, 05:14:58 PM »

February 14th is a PERFECT day  thumbup thumbup thumbup

***A Delicious Creation***
Sherry M.
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« Reply #13 on: January 27, 2007, 11:48:38 PM »

I have been waiting a long time to add to this list.

Ozzy was born November 29, 2006 and I just noticed he was pup # 1.  Better keep an eye on him when he is around poop.  Oh My shocking2 Fear

Thanks Del.
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« Reply #14 on: January 29, 2007, 09:21:03 PM »

Hello, thanks for adding my babies to the birthday list.
BeeGee(NZ) 16/12/2003

Maddison 27/10/2004

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