Author Topic: FOUR litters of puppies from reputable breeder, now available!  (Read 6141 times)

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FOUR litters of puppies from reputable breeder, now available!
« on: November 27, 2015, 02:50:08 PM »
Anyone looking to acquire another fluff, check in with Patricia A Roche' in Savannah Georgia.  Her male went a bit crazy awhile back, figure out not only how to get out of his penned in area, but also how to get the fancy pants off the gals.  Result?  THREE litters in one week, in May, and one litter end of August; plus she has 2 pups left from a litter in Feb. 

AND she is traveling up the coast in December, so could make a delivery!

Here is a link to her page on Facebook:

Here is some of what she posted:
 All the parents are AKC registered- and I'm registering all the litters. It's up to individual owners to decide if they want to register their new puppy.

The puppies are so sweet. Their mom and grandma are therapy dogs -- and their sweet, loving dispositions are very apparent in the pups. Their Dad is the sweetest male I've ever known - and the moms actually let him in with their puppies very soon after birth(which is very rare). He's a beautiful Bichon - and takes after his Daddy and Uncle (who were in the Beethoven movies).

At this point, the puppies are all pretty much potty trained, bed trained, and know their basic commands. The pups from May and February are leash trained and walk beautifully when out. Because they are raised in a multi-generational pack in a home environment, they are very well socialized - and get along well with adults, children and other dogs. Their dad has taught how to show submission to other dogs. They each go out in the car and rotate running errands with me. They are fabulous in stores and hotels. I'm a trainer so I like to get more training in before they go to new homes. This is because a number of them are being used as therapy dogs (in fact, one of my puppies, Bailey, is the first family court therapy dog in Savannah! Another is being trained with a veteran as a PTSD dog.)
. . .  I've lowered fees to $750 to $1,100 if you put down deposit prior to December 1. That includes my health guarantee and lifetime guarantee.

feel free to call me at (650) 284-9373!

She is relocating in January so she must place all the puppies!
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Re: FOUR litters of puppies from reputable breeder, now available!
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2015, 12:25:54 AM »
Wow, that is soooo tempting! Good thing we're on the other side of the country! Seriously, though, I hope she finds great homes for them all.