Bichon Frise Health Issues!


Before you get any pet take the time to check for health issues, temperment, allergies and more. Bichon Frise do have issues as any breed does. See the following URL for health issues.

Bichon related URL below also see for more information before you buy a Bichon Frise.

Bichons are great and I love them.  However, they do tend to suffer from bladder stones.  Our female bichon has had 4 cycstotomies to remove these large stones.  Our vet was suggesting that we put her down as she was a "stone former" and would have to be operated on frequently.  Thankfully, we found a new vet and she suggested a food by Waltham's "lower urinary tract support".  This food has been a life saver.  Our Emerald is now one healthy and happy dog with new life and vigor.  I would strongly suggest this to all owners whose dogs suffer from bladder stones.

Gayaleen mitchell:
Hi loraine. It was very interesting reading about your bichon having kindey stones and i am so pleased you found another vet who was supportive. I am so pleased that your bichon is so much better and that you didnot have to put him down. I had a  bichon who also had a kidney stone that was the size of a apricot stone. The vet removed it and he was so much better. My bichon had liver problems and the vet said that was what caused the stone. Because he had liver problems the vet said i would need to put him down, he lasted another 7 yrs, i am so thankful i didnot. He still had lots of fun and enjoyment and lots of visits to the vet but i loved him and miss him very much. T hank you all so much for giving me the oppurtunity to reply to your website, it is fantasic. Thanks Im from New Zealand. :)http:// 8)


Marshall Dermer:


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