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Author Topic: Tums Anyone? What a night...  (Read 1268 times)
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susie l
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« on: July 09, 2017, 02:25:54 PM »

don't know why I decided to empty the litterbox at two in the morning, but I did....only to come back to find a bag of Tums orange flavored ultra strength Chewy delights in the middle of my bed and Olivia happily munching away.  What to do at near three in the morning?  hyper  Olivia sensing my disapproval had scampered under the bed... Surely, poison control would know, so I called them,  begging but, apparently they only deal with humans....  Do I run her to the veterinary hospital?   thinking Poison control gave me the number of the ASPCA Poison Control center....Did she take 1 Tum or 10 ultra strength.....I called and they notified me that to ask the Vet is $65 dollars... I was very concerned there might be some kind of obstruction never-mind what other organs might be affected, so no question--out came the credit card....
Questions they asked....Full name and form of the medication.  Is she in distress? (mind you she's far under the bed) How much does she weigh?  What's the maximum she could have ingested.  Wrappers too?  Was a very busy night for them and only two vets on duty so, I was on hold for quite a while.  They put my mind at ease.  Luckily the chews had only calcium carbonate and the tiniest bit of magnesium---no d3 or the vitamin K found in some supplements..... which would have increased toxicity....
Luckily Calcium carbonate is poorly absorbed.   
Something I didn't know, dogs are very attracted to Tums (cats are more discriminating in their palates). Olivia seems fine today although I think she'll be constipated....Wish she would like canned pumpkin....

I printed out some phone numbers in case any of my crew ever ingests something else (even though I'm exceedingly careful about medications and foodstuffs toxic to pets) You just never know....

Here is a link to those numbers:

Bichon Besotted Mom!
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living in sunny SINGAPORE!

« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 06:25:58 AM »

Oh My! What a stressful night for you... and for Olivia.

I'm not familiar with TUMS; not sure if we have them here in Singapore.  Glad to hear it doesn't have what would've increased toxicity for Olivia.  Hope she poos soon and be right as rain again soon.

BIANCA sends Bichon hugs & kisses to Olivia.

Freedom (Sandie)
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Methuen, MA, USA

« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 10:33:38 AM »

Goodness, they do manage to get into things, don't they?!  I'm glad to learn she is ok.

As TUMS causes diarrhea for us, I wouldn't expect her to be constipated from them? 

I use the peppermint ones, half a pill, when a dog has an upset tummy and throws up yellow bile.  Settles things right down.  Half a pill is also a good remedy for car sickness in dogs.  Provided you are only making a short trip.

Hope you can catch up on sleep!

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