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Author Topic: A Pal For Milo ...  (Read 850 times)
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« on: April 06, 2015, 01:59:14 PM »

We have been so happy with Milo, and he is such a great doggie (especially with our kids and other dogs).  yahoo  Just the best temperament.  We want another bichon -- and are prepared to put in the time to raise two.  In the past I always raised two dogs at a time, usually about 1 year apart in age.  Based on the way Milo behaves with other similarly sized dogs in the neighborhood, We think Milo would love the company.  Our preference would be to rescue another bichon puppy ... but in these parts those opportunities are rare.  I have been watching local rescue groups for many months now and whenever the opportunity arises, someone else beats us to the punch.  Any ideas folks?  I know many of you have multiple bichons at home (gotta be because it is great all around). I suppose we would consider another breed (say miniature poodle), but our hearts and minds are set on a bichon.  Short of buying a puppy (a dicey proposition unless you are willing to fork over $2K+ to a reputable breeder) we continue to hope one shows up at a rest.  TIA,  George

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