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well you are welcome to  your own opinion.

Quote from: Linda & Luigi on March 22, 2009, 10:48:02 PM

This topic has been playing heavily on my mind all afternoon. Del wrote,
"If Annie (or any Bichon mommies for that matter) had known about menadione sodium bisulfite complex toxicity , she wouldnt  feed the kibble to Jake."Vitamin K3?
I am playing the devi
Who's to say I wouldn't knowingly feed my dog ls advocate here obviously, but for every anti side, there is always a pro side. For every 1000 smokers that have died of lung cancer there are 1000 old times that will tell you they have smoked for x number of years and are healthy!

It is all very confusing, and I believe we all do the best for ourselves, and our families, including our pets. We are all individual, what harms one will not always harm another, and by rights we shouldn't take chances with our health but we are all at the mercy of the food producers. In all honesty I can't get too excited about  an ingredient that is listed more than halfway down on a package in trace amounts. Unless we actually grow all our food from scratch we, will never really know what we are ingesting.

I have to say, Linda, that after reading this thread, it has weighed heavily on my mind all day as well. Especially after I rushed to my precious Ozzie's Performatrim Ultra kibble bag, and there at the very bottom of the list of ingredients was the dreaded K3.
My heart sunk. Ozzie has been on this kibble since puppyhood and has thrived on it. Has no health issues, no skin allergies, nothing.
For a trace amount of this, do I switch his food to something that could possibly cause him to have problems. I am sick. I think I am doing the best I can for my Ozzie, in every way. I have never taken chances with him. Will this trace amount harm him over time?
I do appreciate this information, but like Diane says, we each have our own opinions and have to make the decisions that we feel are best for ourselves and our bichons.

Linda thank you so much for your research and help :bouquet: I can not help but agree with you on all points. But at the same time ask the question "how do we know?" We as Americans have been so buffaloed and lied to and made look like idiots when we question the higher powers.....How do we know what is truth and what is not?

Carol, please don't feel like you have to rush out and buy a new kibble for Ozzie or feel like you are doing wrong by him...Linda was only posting an opposing view to Diane's. I think Ozzie is perfect in every way and if he is healthy and thriving there is no need to switch on the other hand, I have health issues to think about with Jake....allergies or skin infections....whatever.....I have been asking for help and advice and many on here are trying to give advice.....Some of it over the top, but needed none the less....I really do appreciate all of it. I really appreciate your input too :bouquet: I would rather know all the risks than know none or very little that dry kibble is playing in Jake's health....

Thank you Diane, Linda and Carol..... :bouquet:

How will sliced apple help him? How much or is there a limit? How long?


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