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Author Topic: Calling all fluffers: Play BICHON "tag"!  (Read 24124 times)
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Hailey C
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« Reply #45 on: February 10, 2013, 11:09:32 PM »


Bailey wakes me up every morning at 6 by licking my face  Stick Out Tongue

Bailey is teething and loves to chew everything except his toys

Bailey will not eat store bought treats

Bailey loves to go to the dog beach and park

Bailey has a lot of energy and hides his toys under the furniture

Bailey gets aong with big and small dogs

Bailey will follow only me everywhere and even jump in the shower with me if the door isn't closed all the way

Bailey is terrified of the swiffer but loves the vacuum confused

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« Reply #46 on: February 11, 2013, 11:16:55 AM »

Chance rules our home

Chance loves to throw his ball and have you fetch it.

Chance loves to ride in the car in his booster seat

Chance loves to go shopping in his stroller with us.

Chance loves green beans

Chance always runs to me to let me know he is back in the house after Lee walks him......always!

Chance loves children, really everyone but cries for a child when he sees one.

Chance is loved!!


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« Reply #47 on: February 11, 2013, 11:56:24 AM »

such fun

Hettie's registered name is Sampre Luna Hettie

Hettie barks at any postman, not just our postman if we walk/drive past one she will bark and anyone carrying ladders.

Hettie hates been groomed but resides herself to it and stays still and shuts her eyes.

Hettie pulls on maggie's ears to get her to chase her, she loves been chased.

Hettie has to run over and greet/bark at every new dog that comes on the park and all her playmates follow her.

Hettie is on a diet, she loves carrots so she gets them instead of treats.

Hettie prefers Maggies puppy food to her own, so i have to sit on the floor at meal times to referee

Hettie always blitzes when she is wet

Hettie barks at the birds that fly over our house, how dare they come into hettie's airspace.

Hettie nudges you with her nose or paws at your legs when she wants a love.

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« Reply #48 on: February 11, 2013, 12:05:50 PM »

Maggie loves absolutely everyone and everything

Maggie has a apricot circle on her rump that the groomers tried the clean off several times.

Maggie loves to chase ball with all her doggie friends.

Maggie is an absolute gannet who will eat absolutely everything, she would eat hers and hetties food if we would let her as Hettie is such a slow eater

Maggie is called waggy maggie because she never stops wagging her tail.

Maggie stands with her from legs on the settee waiting to be helped up.

Maggie loves Hettie so much

Maggie loves to give us kisses, actually she likes to give everyone kisses.

Maggie squeaks when the bigger dogs chase her and hides between anyones legs.

Maggie has the most beautiful doeful eyes i have ever seen


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« Reply #49 on: February 11, 2013, 02:36:29 PM »

PS. The  only place Chance is forbidden is the living room sofa but he still gets on it and jumps down when he hears me coming.  I tell him I know where he has been and he looks at me with those big eyes and I melt.

Tina O
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« Reply #50 on: November 08, 2014, 11:21:13 PM »

Winnie Facts:

1. Her name is Winnie but my husband and me call her Punkie and Little Punkie Girl just as often
2. She doesn't bark when me or my husband come home, she just waits for us to come to her. She doesn't bark often
3. She will eat ANYTHING but loves frozen green beans and carrot sticks for treats
4. She cries and begs when I drink milk because she wants it and smells it
5. She hates swimming, bathing and getting groomed
6. She sits attentively and lets me push her around in shopping carts
7.  She doesn't like wearing clothes and will drop to the ground and refuse to move if I put her in any
8.  She refuses to snuggle with me on my terms, but has to be right against me when she sleeps

MattiesMom (MaryEllen)
SassySue and MattieMay
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SassySue and MattieMay

« Reply #51 on: November 12, 2014, 04:14:12 PM »

Mattie prefers to snuggle up on my shoulders, licking my ears and neck.
Mattie hates getting wet but she hates her raincoat even more.
Mattie is the slowest eater and the fastest runner in our family.
Mattie can balance on her hind legs and wave for over five minutes if there is chicken involved.
Mattie loves men and babies.
Mattie does a perfect bichon prance when she is happy.
Mattie thinks her job is to dig as many holes in our backyard as she can.
Mattie is a trained agility dog and can fly through the weave poles.

Sassy is a huntress: rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and cats beware!
Sassy eats faster than any dog I've ever seen.
Sassy loves and tries to carry her "Bunny Baby" everywhere with her.
Sassy is nervous around small children because she was kicked as a puppy.
Sassy only allows me and my friend Nancy to hold her for cuddles.
Sassy's favorite snuggle spot is my lap.
Sassy's nickname is Miss SassyPants.
Sassy has the highest pitched bark and yip of any bichon I've ever met.

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« Reply #52 on: January 19, 2016, 03:29:28 PM »

This is such a cute subject. I'm enjoying reading about all your fur babies.

1. Hemi's full name is Hemi Boing Boing but sometimes goes by Hemi-roid.

2. Hemi jumps straight up in the air about 4 feet or so, hence Boing Boing (according to Daddy).

3. Hemi loves his brothers and sister but wants to be number 1

4. Hemi takes separation anxiety to a whole new level.

5. Hemi has toys but prefers mommy's slippers.

6. Hemi loves dog cookies and knows where they are.

7. Hemi thinks he's as big as a Doberman.

8. Hemi is faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap objects in a single bound.


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