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Author Topic: Calling all fluffers: Play BICHON "tag"!  (Read 24190 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 04, 2009, 02:38:36 AM »

 clapping Awesome Idea!!!

Cubby was born Amish. (His breeders were an Amish family.)
At night when Cubby is ready for bed, he will sit in front of the tv and whine at us then look towards the bedroom then back at us and whine again.
Cubby's favorite treat is anything mommy or daddy is eating.
Cubby loves to be brushed and bathed. He will actually go to sleep during his baths/blow dries.
Cubby loves water and will jump in the shower with me. Yet he dislikes wet grass and the rain.
Cubby always has to be within sight of mommy or daddy.
We have to clip our fingernails/toenails in the bathroom with the door shut because Cubby will eat the clippings if we happen to miss getting one in the trash can.
When greeting anyone, Cubby brings them a toy, sock, or whatever he can grab. When we are outside, he carries leaves to the neighbors.

Marsh's Mum (Carol)
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« Reply #16 on: January 04, 2009, 05:20:19 PM »

Marshmallow just celebrated her 8th but it was her very first with us!
Marshmallow is a very finicky eater.
Marshmallow hates it when people blow on her nono
Marshmallow likes to hang out with grown ups and would rather keep younger children at a distance.
Marshmallow was at first very sexist- she only liked girls- but thanks to the power of Daddy's awesome snuggles rock she has come around to liking fellas too!
Marshmallow is a frequent pillow-beater-upper Laughing
Marshmallow's favorite treats are chicken (home cooked only) and cheddar cheese bits.
Marshmallow pretends to not like her new brother neener at all noway but secretly thinks he's pretty okay... shhh

Buster is a little chow hound hungry Laughing
Buster is a very good snuggle buddy Hug
Buster likes to eat up Marshmallow's left-overs hungry
Buster likes to provoke Marshmallow like only bratty kid brothers can! neener Laughing
Buster often falls asleep during his blow-dries
Buster's favorite treat is cheese bits Stick Out Tongue
Buster LOVES kitchen towels and dish cloths and will fish through the dirty laundry hamper if he can't find one hanging on the stove Rolled Eyes
Because of #7, Mommy calls Buster her little pirate    Wub

*edited because Buster's mummy can't count! blush
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« Reply #17 on: January 04, 2009, 11:51:12 PM »

Lacey's full name is Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face Wub

. Lacey knows exactly when it is 5:30 AM or PM--time to eat!! hungry
  Lacey has a sweetie  inlove and his name is Ozzie
  Lacey runs like the wind, her feet look like they are on wheels and her face when she runs towards me can bring       cry1 tears to my eyes!
  Lacey loves to play with toys, and with her little sis, Calli
    Lacey doesn't always come when she is called, unless it is Kendall calling her, then she comes running as fast as she can. 
    Lacey will fight for the spot in the crook of my knees, where she loves to snuggle
    Lacey is a bundle of joy in a furry white dog suit.

    Calli is excited just to be alive!!

    Calli loves toys and bones and treats,and people, and chewing things, lots of things, anything
      Calli can not not have hair covering her eyes
      Calli hops like a bunny when she runs  and bounds over under around and through Lacey
     Calli will dive into the deepest snowbank, sink in up to her eyeballs and come up smiling
      Calli will walk right into the shower, to lick my legs
       Calli loves to climb on Lacey's back, snuggle with Lacey, wrestle with Lacey, blitz with Lacey
       Calli is a bundle of love and joy in a white dogsuit, and I am doubly blessed

Thanks Terri, we love it!
Keep Smiling :)
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Angels without wings are called Friends.

« Reply #18 on: January 05, 2009, 12:22:30 AM »

Ozzie does a blitz every single night!
Ozzie's favorite thing to do is go for a ride in the car on Saturday morning with Mommy and get a Timbit at Tim Horton's.
Ozzie has a little sweetheart  inlove and her name is Lacey.
Ozzie prefers to sleep on the hardwood floor against the wall on Daddy's side of the bed instead of the cozy little bed Mommy bought for him or in bed with Mommy and Daddy.
Ozzie's very favorite treat is Pup-corn - peanut butter flavored!
Ozzie loves to get a belly rub every morning before he goes out to do his business.
Ozzie kicks his water dish and barks when he needs a refill. It is metal in a metal stand and makes quite a rattle.
Ozzie likes to sleep on the sofa upside down with his head hanging over the edge.

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« Reply #19 on: January 05, 2009, 06:30:12 PM »

This is a great idea!  I've enjoyed reading them all so far!

1.  Sporty's full name is Sporty Einstein Lorenzen.
2.  Sporty's favorite treat are Cheerios, followed closely by peanut butter in a kong.
3.  Sporty hates brushing time (and as a result has a few mats Sad)
4.  Sporty loves to blitz up and down the stairs of our new split-level home.
5.  Sporty loves to demolish soft toys.
6.  Sporty loves to go for rides, and if I'm driving, on my lap is the only place he'll sit (yeah, I know, safety).
7.  Sporty's older brother is a black cat named Harley.
8.  Sporty is such a mama's boy and loves to follow her around.

Freedom (Sandie)
Methuen, MA, USA
Super G.O.D.
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Methuen, MA, USA

« Reply #20 on: January 05, 2009, 11:52:51 PM »


Sugar's registered name is D & G's Tiny Sugar.  Her call name is Sugar, and her nick name is Sugar Dugar!

Sugar feels there are not enough pets in the world for her; she just wants you to pet, pet, pet her and then pet her some more!  This was even in her bio from her foster mom in Ohio, before I adopted her, so this is definitely a SUGAR trait, lol.

Sugar LOVES vegetables:  broccoli, sweet potato, white potato, green beans -- all RAW!

Sugar also LOVES fruits:  apple, pear (Bosc, Bartlett and Seckle), oranges, bananas, YUMMY!  I haven't been able to finish a piece of fruit myself
since Dec 9, 2006 (the day she arrived.)

  Sugar is a "dainty" lady.  She avoids all puddles, and mud, even pulling me if she can't manage to get around from the leash length.  Walk in the snow?  In the back yard to do business?  She moves S L O W L Y, trying to hold each foot up HIGH.

  But mud and puddles be da**ed, if there is a squirrel to chase!   Laugh Hysterical  She plows right though!

Sugar is only territorial about her food dish.  Just let another fluff -- or a cat -- approach, and she is all snarls and fangs!

  Sugar falls asleep the instant she gets in the car.
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Bichons Frise': Tasha, Willy, Riley, Belle, Frankie
Cats: Crystal, Ebony, Bobby, Tommy, Tuppence, Mandy, Emma
Freedom (Sandie)
Methuen, MA, USA
Super G.O.D.
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Methuen, MA, USA

« Reply #21 on: January 06, 2009, 12:03:54 AM »


Lacey is my velcro girl, and being a bichon already, that means she is REALLY close to me!

Lacey often wakes me during the night, as she just can't get close enough to me and puts her nose down the top of my top.   Rolled Eyes

Lacey is jealous of any attention I give to the other fluffs, or to the cats, and shows it by sulking and sighing a LOT, very loudly.  If Sugar is in my lap, Lacey will join us -- and snuggle in between us so SHE is closest to me.

Lacey greets all other dogs be rearing up and snarling and barking.  Within 30 seconds, she is busy sniffing smells on the ground and ignores the other dog; so I can now carry on a conversation with the other owner if I wish.

Lacey is my only fluff to play with toys; and she will only play with the air kong tennis ball with the squeaker in it.  NO other toy, squeaker or not, is of any interest to her.

Lacey has NO sense of direction, which is likely how she ended up at the dog pound where I adopted her.  She has been lost here once, for over an hour, during the third week she was here.  Since then, she sticks to me like glue.

Lacey thinks it is great fun to jump onto my bed and scatter the cats!   Laugh and Bounce

Lacey is the only fluff here to listen before she starts barking, and to stop on her own once the "threat" has left the scene.  (The others bark because another dog is barking, and won't stop until commanded.)

Marlin is VERY vocal.  He has wide range of sounds, and each one means something different.  Even now, after 19 months, we are still learning his "language."

  Marlin is bossy and insists on getting his way.  I figure this is due to him being the one and only dog, with a single woman, for the first 9 years of his life.  So we frequently refer to him as General Patton. 

Marlin has the whitest coat of all the fluffs here.

Marlin thinks everyone in this world is his friend, and everyone is around just to pet him.  He can really work a crowd!

Marlin sets of his "intruder alert" on a regular basis and has yet to learn some quite normal sounds around here.  He is a NOISY BOY.

Marlin, and the cat Crystal, sleep on Dad's bed at night and do not allow any other fur kids up there. 

Marlin has a set of stairs to use to get up onto Dad's bed.  He requires a "cheering squad" to get up the stairs, and has stood barking at those stairs for 10 minutes until one of us can go cheer him up the steps.   Rolled Eyes "Marlin, GO STAIRS!"

Marlin came with his very own comforter.  He was trained that he could only sit on that.  So he barks through out the day as he moves from the bed to the sofa to a spot on the floor, one of us has to move his comforter to the current desired spot.  We have tried to break him of this habit (especially when he is just sitting on the floor) but so far, he refuses to "unlearn" this habit.

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Bichons Frise': Tasha, Willy, Riley, Belle, Frankie
Cats: Crystal, Ebony, Bobby, Tommy, Tuppence, Mandy, Emma
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« Reply #22 on: January 06, 2009, 12:11:03 AM »

8 things about Gianni, Zoe, and Molly!

Gianni Depp
1. Gianni Depp chose his mom at the breeder's house. He walked by and politely sat on her lap!
    Love at first sight!!
2. Gianni will pounce on his bone and then sit and stare at it!
3. Gianni has bad hair days. 10 minutes after he leaves the groomer's, his hair is curly! He is often   
    mistaken for a poodle.
4. Gianni hates squirrels. He has practically dislocated my arm many times going after them. 
    Naturally, 2 squirrels live in the tree in front of our house!
5. Gianni loves the ocean. He runs right into the waves. It's a good thing he has to be on a leash
    otherwise he may end up out to sea!
6. Gianni's BFF is my nephew Joe (18 year's old). He goes crazy when he sees Joe. He gives Joe
    kissies and kissies and kissies! Joe's going away to college in the fall. Gianni will miss him terribly!
7. Gianni is the poopy meister...he poops everytime he goes out! Where does it all come from?
8. When Gianni wants to go to bed and I'm watching tv, he will jump off the bed and the crawl
    under it and stay there until I turn off the tv. Then he whines until I put him back on the bed.

Zoe Belle
1. Zoe and Gianni are inseparable...they have been together from day 1! They sit by the door and
    pout until they are together.
2. Zoe is the biggest and fluffiest. When she and Gianni wrestle, he always gets "pinned".
3. Zoe is "Grandmom's girl". She cries and whines whenever Grandmom goes out!
4. Zoe has the most beautiful big, round eyes. When she stares at you, you just melt and want to
    give her huggies and kissies.
5. When Zoe is finished eating, she boldly walks over to Gianni's bowl and eats his food! Sad thing
    is, he lets her!!! Must be a big sister, alpha dog, I'll pin you thing!
6. Zoe is very mature. She does things her way! You can scratch her, pet her, hug her, kiss her
   when SHE wants you to! Zoe also does "ballet" and her name is Zoe Belle!
7. My niece, Elizabeth (12 year's old), is Zoe's BFF. She gets very jealous when Gianni or Molly is
    near Elizabeth.
8. Zoe looks like a polar bear when she is really fluffy!

Molly Elizabeth
1. Molly is smaller than both her pups. Zoe is 24 lbs, Gianni is 18 lbs, and Molly is 16 lbs. She is also
    about 2 inches shorter than both. We say that Zoe and Gianni have "super model legs" because
    they are so long. Molly has short, little legs!
2. The only treats Molly will eat are "Charlie Bear Turkey and Cranberry" treats. Very fussy!
3. Molly does "the chicken dance" when it is dinner time and "the Grandmom dance" when she is
    going to Grandmom's house!
4. Molly has had 5 litters of puppies. She has been spayed and is now being treated like a
5. Molly lifts her leg when she pees. She has to pee on top of Gianni's and Zoe's. Guess she is
    trying to tell them who's the boss!
6. Molly rings a bell when she has to go out to do her business!
7. Molly's name was Good Golly Miss Molly, but my niece (Elizabeth) hated that name so she was
    renamed Molly Elizabeth!
8. Molly will jump on anyone and everyone's lap. She adores being cuddled!!!

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« Reply #23 on: February 18, 2009, 01:07:39 AM »

I have really enjoyed reading these. What a great idea!  thumbup So, here we go...

Gizmo was going to be named Samwise until he fell asleep he first night I had him and made little whimpering noises like the Gizmo character in Gremlins. (Also, I realized my grandparents were named Sarah and Sam, and I really didn't think my family would appreciate the dog being named Sam!  Laughing )

Gizmo was born on a Mennonite farm in Lancaster County. He came very, very close to being fertilizer.  sad Since then his humom has learned lots about puppy mills - horrible, nasty things they are!  Ranting

Gizmo is allergic to lots of things - especially anything that use to have feathers. As a result, he has to have 2 shots every month and take antihistimines daily. He really, really hates those shots.  sad  And his humom hates them even more!  crybaby

Gizmo once tried to eat a footstool while humom was at school. If you don't believe me, take a look!

Gizmo likes to snuggle while Mom's on the computer. He'll even whine until Mom puts the footrest up on the recliner - then he climbs up onto the footrest and goes to sleep with his chin propped on Mom's ankle.  nodding

Gizmo has play dates every day with his friend Katie. Katie lives up the street with Auntie Glenna. Gizmo knows that when Aunt Glenna is home from work at 5 p.m., she'll bring Katie for a nice long walk followed by some blitzing - in the yard when weather permits or in the house when it's rainy/muddy/cold/etc.

Gizmo loves to ride in the car. He has his own car seat. His first car trip with Mom was when he was 9 weeks old and he traveled FIVE HOURS across the Pennsylvania Turnpike to get to his new home.

Gizmo got a early present for his second birthday - his brother Gadget!  partyhat (Shhh! Don't tell Gadget!  shhh It's our little secret! )

edited to fix for Sarah flowers
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« Reply #24 on: February 18, 2009, 02:45:30 AM »

Gadget has six brothers and sisters. His mommy found him on another bichon forum when Patti posted pix of the puppies. It was  Love word at first sight!  Wub He was the quiet, laid back boy of the bunch and loved to snuggle from the moment Mom picked him up.

Gadget was named many months before he was born. Mom already had Gizmo and just knew that her next fluff would have to be called Gadget.  nodding

Gadget has many nicknames. Auntie Sandy calls him Inspector or "Go Go" 'cause he never seems to slow down.  Auntie Glenna calls him KJ, which stands for Katie Junior. (You see, Gadget loves to follow Katie and do whatever she does - like digging in muck, and scratching the ground violently after going potty.  thumbdown) Uncle Challen calls him Billy Bad News 'cause Gadget has an attitude five miles wide.  devil Sometimes we call him Hoover 'cause he sniffs around and picks up everything he finds.  Stick Out Tongue Mostly I call him Gadj.  Not Worthy

Gadget thinks that every pillow, blanket, and comforter is his. He prefers to sleep on anything soft and loves to steal Mom's pillow. He also likes to snuggle under the blanket on the bed.  sleeping

Gadget loves his girl Katie.  Love When he was just a baby puppy he would grab hold of her ear and hang on while she ran around the yard. (It's a testament to the sweetness of Katie that she has never seemed to mind. Even when he pulled huge tufts of fur out! Ouch!)

Gadget is smaller than Gizmo. He is younger than Gizmo. And he is definitely the one in charge! (Things really changed for Gizmo when Gadget arrived, but don't worry. Gizmo can give as good as he gets.  Laughing)

Gadget has a theme song - "What ever Gizmo has, Gadget wants"  whistling

Gadget has his own personal massage therapist. No, really! Every evening after our walks and some blitzing, Gadget runs and jumps up on Aunt Glenna's lap for his evening massage. And she'd better ready!  Laughing

Bonnie owned by Angel Oscar
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My sweet boy...

« Reply #25 on: February 18, 2009, 05:59:16 AM »

  Oscar's registered name is Kropslennek Vaughn Gwynn Oscar.

  Oscar's name is gaelic, as my husband's ancestry is Irish and Scotch.  The first word in the name is the kennel name; the rest of his name means "Little White Champion".

  Oscar's favorite food in the world is steak.  We don't eat it very often, so we always give him a morsel or two when we do.

  Oscar will only drink cold water from our water cooler.  Water that has sat there for any length of time just will not do.

  Oscar loves to lay on the mat in front of the stove on a warm spring day to catch the sun's rays coming thru the window.

  Oscar doesn't like having his feet wet or dirty when he comes in the house, so he stops on the mat at the door and lets mummy wipe off his feet with his special red towel with blk paw prints on it.

   Oscar knows exactly when it is time to pick mummy up after work.  He lays at the door and barks at his papa until papa gets up from the couch and gets his jacket on.  Then they get into the car...Oscar loves car rides especially to go pick up mummy.

   Oscar also knows exactly when it is time for supper..he sits and stares at his mum until she stops whatever it is she is doing and goes to the kitchen to feed him.  He then sits at her feet and barks at her until she is done and his bowl is on the floor. 
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« Reply #26 on: February 18, 2009, 02:08:13 PM »

  1.  Georgie Boy was called "George of the Jungle" by his doggie parent's owners because he was the biggest puppy and learned to get out of his box first and stalk around the house

 Boy Bichon 2. Georgie Boy's registered name is Prince Georgie Boy because his mommy is Princess Cookie. His daddy's  name is Chile Bean
 3. Prince Georgie Boy is half Latin because his daddy was born in the Country of Chile

 4.Georgie Boy's most favorite thing to do is to lick his Mom's hands, throughly , every  morning at the beginning of the day. He will cry and sit and look at her until she allows it.  :begging

 5. Georgie Boy loves to do training because he gets treats for learning new things  clapping

 6. Georgie Boy has a girlfriend whose name is Ellie -May :in love:

 7. Georgie Boy is a therapy dog and a service dog 

 8. Georgie Boy loves his Mom with all his heart  Love word[/color]

 Georgie Boy says  Thanks  :nice thread
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bichons rule

« Reply #27 on: February 22, 2009, 09:09:08 AM »

How come I have just spotted this?  I am going to do 1 dog at a time and come back to them.  I will need to think.

1.  KC name Little Storm Trouper but also answers to Sleppy Dog
2.  Very clean dog - hates walking through puddles and getting dirty
3.  Loves women - all women - because they  loveword2: him 
4.  Loves being groomed and loves the groomers (they are women)
5.  Loves eating - anything
6.  Is (I have to confess) a tad jealous by nature
7.  Has a very loud and persistent bark
8.  Enjoys his nightly rest on his Mam's pillow

1.  Loves eating - anything, but particularly leftover spaghetti bolognaise which goes so well on a white coat - oh and cheese, and liver cake -- and the list goes on
2.  Loves sleeping
3.  Does not like other dogs
4.  Does not (generally) like other people apart from the family
5.  Is getting quite currmudgeonly as she gets older - she grumbles a fair bit
6.  Hates being groomed with a passion
7.  Loves my husband Steve
8.  Loves a quick spin on the beach where she outruns all the others with her turn of speed.

The above are in no special order  Laughing

MattiesMom (MaryEllen)
SassySue and MattieMay
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SassySue and MattieMay

« Reply #28 on: February 22, 2009, 12:07:23 PM »

MattieMay here:
1. My nicknames are: Diva Dog, Mat-Mat, and Mattielicious.

2. My baby sister, Sassy, is my really sister. My pup mom and dad had another litter and my hu-mom decided to bring Sassy home to live with us. I like to play with her, but she can be a pest, too.

3. I do not like to ride in the car.  It takes me away from my house and I'm afraid we won't go back.  Mummy says I'm anxious.

4. I love to sit on my Mummy's neck and shoulders while she watches TV. She says I make a nice, warm pillow.

5. My favorite place to rest and reflect is up on the back of the sofa, looking out the picture window. When the sun is on that side of the house, it is heaven.

6. My claim to fame is my wave.  I wave on command.  I even did it on Animal Planet's Dogs 101 at the end of the bichon segment!

7. I got a blue ribbon in agility competition when I wasn't even 2 years old yet!

8. My boyfriend's name is Teddy.  He is a light brown mini-poodle.  We've been friends since kindergarten.

SassySue here:

1. My favorite food is FOOD!  Mummy says I'm a garbage can.  What does she mean by that?

2. I love to tug!  My favorite toy is my tuggy rope.  I snuggle with "Tuggy" every night after we play.

3. My boyfriend's name is Bailey.  He is a poodle-bichon mix.  We play together at puppy play class on Saturdays.  I love to lick/kiss his nose!

4. My nicknames are, Devil Dog, Slasher, and Miss Sassypants!

5. I LOVE to jump on humans and lick, lick, lick their faces.  Mummy tried to train me not to do it, but the other humans didn't cooperate so Mummy gave up.

6. I have to have something in my mouth all the time.  I carry my toys around in the house and yard.  When we go on walkies, I pick up a stick to carry.  

7. I love to play tag with my sister.  We take turns being IT.  When I catch her, I jump on her back and then run, run away fast!

8. My cutest habit is my head tilt.  When someone talks to me, I tilt my head back and forth to let them know I'm listening.
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Smiley face!

« Reply #29 on: February 25, 2009, 03:55:38 PM »

1.  'Big' Teddy is the biggest Bichon my vet has ever seen - weighing in at 12.5kg (27lb) .
2.  Teddy's posh name is 'Snow Truffles Silver Charm'  LOL! (chosen by the breeder!)
3.  Teddy's  best friend is his doggy brother, 'Coco'  Hug
4.  Teddy would like to develop closer relationships with his feline 'brothers' - Jet, Sooty, Possum & Alfie  devil
5.  Teddy's favourite place is the woods
6.  Teddy's favourite passtime is swimming in gungy slimey pond water  nono
7.  Teddy's least favourite passtime is being bathed and brushed
8.  Teddy's girlfriend is Ellie-May kissing1(owned by Jaq) and he is the love rival of Georgie Boy  eyebrows owned by Sandra

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